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How To Send Bulk Messages?

Sometimes we just want to send bulk messages instead of calling. GoDial can send Bulk Messages via SMS and Email.

Let's look at how

How To Send Bulk Message?

Step1> Login To Your Account

Step2> Click On Settings And Then On Message Templates

Step3> Choose Bulk Message

Step4> Set Your Template

You can specify the message that you want to be sending, You may add dynamic variables from the dropdown. These fields will get replaced with the contact's details during sending.

Step5> Then Go to Godial Team App And Click Advanced

Step6> Set Dialer Action To Send SMS

Now you can start the dialer and send SMS/Email instead of calling.

If you want to send via whatsapp or any other app that allows links, follow our tutorial here 👍

Updated on: 20/07/2021

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