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What is The Difference Between Manager,Sub-Manager And Agent?

GoDial lets you add members very easily.

In GoDial the Manager (owner) has the access of adding different teams (companies) and within the teams,manager can add two types of member,Sub Managers and Agents.Managers also hold access of calling through app along with access to Web Dashboard and can make change in any team at any point as required.

Sub Managers can access Web Dashboard, and can make any change within their own team.

Agents can only access Team app for Dialing.

All accounts including Manager, Sub Manager and Agents can access the Team app and make calls.

GoDial also allows you to specify CRM Access. If you allow CRM access then the Team App shows the CRM section, which the agent/sub manager can use to modify, call or view contacts.

Updated on: 20/07/2021

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